Solar Water Pumps
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Solar Water Pump Solutions

Benefits of a Solar Water Pumping Solution

  • Once off expense, years of free off-grid power and water supply. Even if the power is off you will still have water. Thus a secure source of life giving water supply.
  • No more fuel expenses and no need to cart around cans of diesel. The pumps pay for themselves in a few months just on the savings in fuel and effort.
  • Maintenance free, brushless, permanent magnet, low voltage DC motor, high efficiency, oil filled, submersible water pumps. Stainless steel pump body, non-corrosion materials used throughout. Designed to be used in harsh and remote areas.
  • Ideal for areas where there is no Eskom power available or where this is an expensive option to put up in terms of line and pole costs.
  • Used to supply water for people, life stock & crops. This includes drinking water for domestic use, animal watering spots/cribs and irrigation.
  • Can pump water from/to a borehole, well, aquifer, river, dam, tank, channel, etc.
  • Low level/dry run protection well prod, tank overflow prod, extra screw or impeller included. The MPPT type control box ensures maximum power delivery to the pump. It also has a flow control limiter, fault protection, soft-start, over and under voltage protection as well as overload and over-temperature protection functionalities to ensure a long system lifespan.
  • SEG does the assembly, making of connections, adding of fitting, etc in-house. Just connect your pipe, plug in connectors and put the pump into the water, the rest is taken care off.

How Solar Pumping Works

  • Solar water pumping works on a direct solar panel to pump energy conversion systems.
  • A solar panel (or panel array) is connected to an
  • MPPT type control box that regulates the current flowing to a
  • Low voltage, high wattage, submersible DC water pump
  • Off-grid solar system can also be installed if pumping needs to be done during night times

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